NZMQG – New Zealand Modern Quilt Guild

We are a small chapter of the larger, world wide Modern Quilt Guild.  Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting in New Zealand, through education, collaboration and the quilting community.

While modern quilting is steeped in quilting tradition there are no rules, offering creative freedom, accessibility, and exciting new ideas.

What does our guild do?
Online Meetings: business, speakers, show & tells, sewing swaps and so on
Local Meet-ups: groups within cities and towns in New Zealand get together for sewing workshops.
Weekend Sewing: Why lug all your sewing equipment to another location when you can just connect in from your own sewing room.  We run once a month a full day.  We alternate Saturday & Sunday’s, and people can pop in and out depending on their other commitments, spend a few hours or all day.
Happy Hours: Set regular online get together of an hour during the week in the evenings, this is to help people who have questions, get feedback, and just need some quilting time with like minded people.
Swap & Challenges: We organise swaps and challenges with guild members.
Block of the Month: What would a guild be with out a Block of the month.