Leadership – Helen

Helen is the founder of the New Zealand Modern Quilt Guild.  After 15+ years of quilting she wanted to spend more time with like minded people.  Her true passion lay in the art of Modern Quilting, although she loves her local guild, it was just missing that “Modern” touch.  So after some months of toying with the idea, she finally decided to create the New Zealand Modern Quilt Guild.  Her dream is to have people up and down New Zealand join in the art of Modern Quilting.

Leadership Role:

  • Responsible for the running of the guild, organisation of committee meetings
  • Membership
  • Liaison with the Modern Quilt Guild
  • Takes notes and collates information from committee meetings to be circulated to guild members.
  • Plans and prepares recommendations for committee approval.
  • Corresponds as necessary with organisations who have dealings with The NZMQG.
  • Maintains any documentation required for the NZMQG.
  • Assists in maintaining the NZMQG’s social media accounts and website.
  • Attends monthly guild meetings, & guild events where appropriate
  • Along with the other committee members, actively participates in leadership and decisions about guild business pertaining to the guilds goals and mission.

Guild Events & Charity Organiser – Melissa

  • Works with the guild community to find and support charitable areas within New Zealand, were the members of the guild can donate their skills, time, and work to those in need..
  • Keeps event program and information current for guild members through NZMQG’s website and social media accounts.
  • Works with the guild committee on upcoming speakers and status of planned events.
  • Coordinates annual charity project(s) and promotes the  generosity of NZMQG.
  • Actively works on future events, projects, & challenges. Coordinates giveaways, challenges or events based on the programs presented.
  • Attends monthly guild committee meetings.

Social Media Officer – Anna

  • Engages with members, potential members and other organisations and Groups using social media.
  • Works closely with the Guild and Charity Events organisers to uses social media to advertise upcoming events
  • Will help with the use of social media for running guild challenges, projects, etc